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[IDD #ZHD-705806]: idd.unidata ids feed

Hi Waldenio,

I apologize for the slow response to your inquiry...

> Since Saturday the CPTEC LDM machine "mopora.cptec.inpe.br" stop to
> receive IDS!DDPLUS data from idd.unidata (only this feed).


> To solve the problem yesterday, I directed the mopora to get data from
> another machine, that was receiving this data from the same idd.unidata.

What is the other CPTEC machine that is receiving the IDS|DDPLUS data?

> I think that was not related with the atm.cise downtime.

I agree.

> I could not discover why idd.unidata stops to feed mopora.
> Any idea ?

No, not really.

> obs: the mopora.cptec RTSTATS appears as "tigge-ldm.cptec.inpe.br"

I see three CPTEC machines in the ldmd.log file on one or our 
cluster nodes:

sucuri.cptec.inpe.br -
cambui.cptec.inpe.br -
surubim.cptec.inpe.br -

Are any of these machines known as tigge-ldm.cptec.inpe.br/mopora.cptec.inpe.br?


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