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[Datastream #VSU-302286]: Regular expression question

Hi Kevin,

(You can see that I am trying to catch up on support inquiries...)

re: was your question regarding ldmd.conf request regular expressions related
to questions from Paul Wahner

> Yes, it was related to a request from Paul Wahner.

I thought so.  I sent Paul a separate email yesterday with the same information
I sent you.  He responded with a thanks this morning...

> Speaking of which, he had another question about SST 1/12 degree grids
> in GRIB2.
> I haven't seen these before myself. Do you know what feedtype these come
> through?

I havn't seen these either, AND I have been looking.  I would assume that
they might come in the NGRID feed, but I have not seen any to date.  I
should qualify that statement a bit:  I have not seen any of the grids in
the SST-GLME2 dataset on any of the GRIB ADDE servers that I have setup
or helped users setup.

> I've done a pqcat searching for ETWA88 KWBI and still don't see anything.
> I would ask Jerry here but he's gone for a few days.

Another way of looking is to use the LDM 'notifyme' utility:

<as 'ldm'>
notifyme -vxl- -f ANY -p 'ETWA88 KWBI' -o 10000

let the notifyme command run for a couple of days.  If there are any products
matching that pattern in ANY IDD datasetream, it/they will be listed.

If you are unsure if the datasetreams being created on your NOAAPORT ingesters
are fully populated, then point at a toplevel IDD relay node like 

notifyme -vxl- -f ANY -p 'ETWA88 KWBI' -o 10000 -h idd.unidata.ucar.edu


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