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[IDD #RST-352526]: quyestion about GRIB1 & GRIB2 downloaders & compilers

Hi Bernard,

re: what is your objective
> The idea is to ingest GRIB1 and GRIB2 data and associate these values with a
> global navigational aeronautical database.

Yes, I understood that part.

> I believe UCAR does deal with such data.

Yes, a variety of groups within the UCAR family deal intimately with a
variety of types of data that are of use to the aviation community.  We
are in large part not in the business of supporting private companies
in their use of these data.

> Eventually the data set will help
> calculate time/distance/fuel tables for flight plans.

Here is where we are looking for clarification:

Are you contacting us with the expectation that we would provide you
with the data you are looking for?    Our program, Unidata, is funded
by the US National Science Foundation to support universities in getting
access to data and in provision of software to analyze those data.  Our
interactions with the private sector is limited to those special cases
where the interactions will provide tangible benefit back to our
community.  Are you proposing such a quid pro quo relationship?

> Thanks bernard

No worries.


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