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[IDD #VLO-822087]: Real-time nexrad data

Hi Chris,

> I emailed you earlier about what data I was interested in. I am writing
> again to, first, thank you again for all your time,

No worries.

> and second, reiterate that
> I do very much appreciate the composite nexrad grib2 data that is available.

Very good.

> With that said,
> I also want to say that I am dedicated to finding a solution that is
> independent of you so that I no longer am taxing you or your machines and 
> services.

OK.  Now that we know that you are interested in the 1 km national composite of
base reflectivity product, we can find out if there are any universities that
would be willing to feed you the data using our LDM.  Can you tell us exactly
where you are located so that we can start looking for a site?

> Is there any hints, tips, and/or site that you can point me to as
> resources for my building an independent solution?

As soon as we know where your office(s) are, we can contact some universities
to see if they are willing to feed you the 1 km composites.  Since this data
is not high-volume, it would not be a great strain for an upstream feed site.

> How are your composite nexrad data grib files generated?


> Are you using NOAA data to do so?

The composites are created from the Nexrad Level III base reflectivity products
that are broadcast in NOAAPORT.  Both the NOAAPORT datastream and GEMPAK are
available free of charge; NOAAPORT is a satellite-broadcast stream from the
US NWS; GEMPAK is available from us (but we limit full support to university

> Any info would be fantastic!

There is not much more to tell.  As soon as we know where you are, we can
start looking for a site that is willing to feed you the data.

> Thank you again!

No worries.


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