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[IDD #LXG-308010]: Request of IDD connection

Hi Luis,

> thanks for the note.

No worries.  Like I said, I was waiting for you to resurrect an IDD node

> Since I did not know that you would be
> asisting us, I had to write a couple of lines on my goals
> at CICESE.

I am glad that you did.  It helps others better understand your organization.

> I barely remember that we used aeolus.ucsd.edu and that
> this is a machine at Scripps. Not sure if Larry Riddle
> is still there. I met him there a couple of years ago.

Larry retired several months ago.  He gave us permission to make changes
on his machine so we can keep the software up to date, and add allows
for downstream sites as we see fit.

> No problem if the NOGAPS products are not allowed to us.
> I know that is a good large-scale model developed at
> the U.S. Navy. However, the GFS and/or ECMWF will
> be enough for the time being.

Jeff Weber sent an email off to our contact at FNMOC asking to add
an allow for your machine at CICESE.  I don't know if there has been
a response yet, however.

> Jose Lozano is a good computer technician from our Ensenada
> campus. Remember, I am in La Paz at the southern peninsula
> where hurricanes like to come and we had Henriette last week.

Yes, I thought about you and Antonio while watching the progress of
the storm!

> Jose is going to help me with all the preliminary tests and,
> in case he requires some help, will be in contact with
> unidata's support.

Very good.

> One of our goals is to set up a real-time systems of weather
> data for Baja California: GOES-11 imagery, the San Diego and
> Yuma radar, as well as other observations and numerical
> datasets.  I am sure that our administrators will be
> glad to see graphical displays from these datasets
> and, perhaps, for being the first LDM/IDD site in
> Mexico (correct?).

Correct.  I am continually hopeful that somehow other institutions
in Mexico will realize the value of getting real-time weather data
through the IDD ** free of charge **, and of the incredibly useful
applications that we distribute and support also ** free of charge ** :-)

> Thanks, again, LMF.

No worries.  Good to hear from you!


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