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[TIGGE #UHK-328521]: Corrupted product at ECMWF via LDM ?


> Few hours ago we had another occurrence of this problem: 1 byte in the
> middle of a product is somehow lost (ie, it is not found on the file on
> disk after pqact), but the size of the product is correct. I attach the
> 2 files. '.bad' is the product received first. Then we asked
> re-transmission and we received the product again, called .good.
> If you want me to run any diagnostics, please, let me know.

I hate to say this, but it appears that either an errorof more than 16
bits occurred during the TCP transmission (defeating the CRC-16 check
that TCP uses) or an error occurred during the write of the data-product
to disk.

I'm beginning to think that the replacement for the LDM will have to
include a CRC-32 checksum.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: UHK-328521
Department: Support IDD TIGGE
Priority: Emergency
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