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[IDD #MID-171084]: Costa Rica bandwidth....

Hi Marcial,

> I received a call this morning about the internet2 project in UCR
> (bandwidth increase to scientific projects).


> They asked me how much bandwidth we need in order to download the data
> that is available with ldm (at least the one that is useful for us like
> model data).

Since one of your goals is to run numerical models over a variety of
regions (meso-, meso-, and macro-scale), you will need to be able to ingest
all of the CONDUIT datastream in addition to the HRS and NGRID data that is
being received through the UCR NOAAPORT reception system.  You will also want
to be able to move your model output and products created with that output
to a variety of national and international sites.  Given this, I would think
that your department alone would need to have _at least_ a 15 Mbps connection
just to ingest the data you want.

If you want to relay the data to others (e.g., the Costa Rican Weather Service),
I would think that you should have twice that bandwidth, again AT A MINIMUM.
What is hard to judge is how much more bandwidth you should have in order to 
a leading role in providing realtime data throughout Central America.  You may 
may not remember the conversations that Vilma and I had about UCR taking a 
role in Central American data distribution and sharing...  it was always a goal
that was waiting an opportunity like this.

> Do you have some stats that we can use for that? I got some of the plots
> that you have on rtstats summary

The rtstats numbers for sites like idd.unidata.ucar.edu are very good for doing
an estimate of the bandwidth you would need to get all of the data that you
may want.  What it is not necessarily good for, however, is an estimate for
how much outgoing bandwidth you may need/want.  I think that it would be a
good estimate that you would want twice the amount of output bandwidth as input
bandwidth to start.  This would imply that you would want at least a 100 Mbps
connection for IDD data movement activities.

> but a Gbps could be helpful.

More bandwidth is _always_ useful since it allows a site to expand services into
areas that they might not have planned for.  If you can get a Gbps connection,
you would have what NCAR/UCAR has now.  This would allow the UCR to act as a
major injection/redistribution point for Central America and beyond.

> As always thank you.

No worries.  It was good to hear from you!


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