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[IDD #DMK-434435]: GEMPAK Mesoscale Model

Hi Massoud,

> I'm interested in collecting data feeds for the real-time
> mesoscale model output using objective region of interest
> (ROI) selection. I understand that this model output
> belongs to the NAM 12km and has a LDM feed name 'SPARE.'

The 12 km NAM products are in the CONDUIT datastream.  SPARE
is used for mostly non-"operational" (i.e., test) feeds.

Are you referring to the objective region of interest technique that Steve 
uses to locate mesoscale model runs (examples on our web page)?  If yes, then
I believe that Steve is using precipitation fields from one of the IDD 
that you already talked about ingesting: HDS, NGRID, CONDUIT.

By the way, Steve presented an AMS paper on his ROI technique a couple of years 

> Where I can find a pattern/action example, so I can add it
> to my ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf and which hostname can I request
> this feedtype from?

If your LDM is setup like we had been talking about in other emails, then you
should already be ingesting the data necessary to identify regions of
interest.  If you have specific questions on how Steve is calculating his
regions of interest, you should send your questions to address@hidden.

> Also, which GUI tool would be appropriate to display the model outputs?


> The real-time regional model run initialized at 2007070218
> <http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/gempak/rtmodel/index.php?2007070218>
> has interesting features on display and its definitely
> something we can use for our research.

Steve is the best source for answering your questions on how he is identifying
regions of interest and then using them to identify the center point of the
domain in a mesoscale model (e.g., ETA or WRF) run.  Again, send those questions
to address@hidden.


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