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[Support #DMB-963596]: Re: UF LDM upgrade


> I remember Steve Chizwell telling us on March 5th (I think it was then)
> that the pqinsert program completes (regardless of actual result) and
> returns 0 but there is supposed to be a result flag to look for.
> Do I remember that correctly?

> Smith, Matt wrote:
> > That's a good point Justin.  Gerry, can you ping Unidata about that bug?

You want the "pqinsert" program to return a non-zero exit status
if a data-product that it was to insert into the product-queue is
already in the product-queue.  Is that correct?

What should it return if it's invoked to insert multiple files,
only one of which is already in the product-queue?

Would it help to think of the "pqinsert" program as idempotent?
That is to say, if it returns with a success status, then the
file is guaranteed to be in the product-queue.

Steve Emmerson

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