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[Support #DMB-963596]: Re: UF LDM upgrade


> I definitely see your point.  However, is there a chance you'd
> consider returning another positive return code to accompany the
> "already in queue" message?  In some cases, the "already in queue"
> situation is an anomaly to be dealt with.
> The text message CLEARLY DOES provide the desired information, but
> the numeric value would be easier to handle.
> I'm sure the code was thought through and wasn't written haphazardly
> - and heck, it's been around for 14 years.
> Currently, the pqinsert return codes are:
> -1  /* read error */
> 0   /* implied success (no text message needed)*/
> 1   /* operating-system failure */
> 2   /* couldn't open product-queue */
> 3   /* couldn't process input file */
> 6   /* couldn't initialize MD5 processing */
> Might the following be considered?
> 4   /* success, but all supplied files already in queue */
> 5   /* success, but some supplied files already in queue */

Would you really like to differentiate between some files already
being in the queue versus *all* files already being in the
queue?  If not, then would the following suffice:

    4  /* At least one of the files was already in the queue */

Because I don't know how people are using the "pqinsert"
exit code, I can't make any promise other than I'll investigate
the matter.

Steve Emmerson

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