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[TIGGE #QRK-587066]: ldm data product source host.


> Is there a function available that logs which host a product in
> coming in from?

A downstream LDM process that's receiving data-products will log
to the LDM log file the metadata associated with every data-product
that it inserts into the product-queue if the downstream process is
in "verbose" logging mode.  A downstream LDM process is placed into
verbose logging mode by sending it a USR2 signal or by starting it
in verbose logging mode via the "-v" option (such as by the command
"ldmadmin start -v", which will put all processes in verbose logging

The "pqcat" program will log the origin of the selected data-products
if it is given the "-O" option.  For example

    pqcat -vl- -O -o offset>> -f <<feedtype>> -p <<pattern>> >/dev/null

Is this what you had in mind?

Steve Emmerson

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