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Re: tigge config


You have a very good understanding of the software.  A cluster
director does do TCP proxying, and it is usually more complex than
the TCP proxy software I'm using on ultrazone (called Balance);


In building a real cluster, I'd recommend LVS for load balancing
and Heartbeat for high availability/failure detection;


The only change I've made on your system so far is to the ldmd.conf
file by changing ultrazone.ucar.edu to ultrazone.ucar.edu:8080 and
restarting your LDM with "ldmadmin restart".  I've also built
balance in /usr/local/ldm01/tmp ans started it running;

$ ps -ef | grep balance | grep 8080
ldm01  18415  1  0 Mar30 ?     00:00:00 ./balance 8080 localhost:388

Can you ask your network people to open port 8080 on your system
so ECMWF and NCAR can connect to port 8080 on tigge-ldm.cma.gov.cn?

In the long run, will it be simpler to use port 8080 or find out
where and why the LDM port 388 is being throttled?

Best Regards,


On Apr 1,  1:24pm, <address@hidden> wrote:
> Subject: Re: Re: tigge config
>Hi, Mike,
>  From: Mike Schmidt
>  Date: 2007-03-30 22:54:09
>  To: address@hidden
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>  Subject: Re: tigge config
>>The TCP Proxy software could be used to create a cluster environment, but
>>is probably not the recommended way to implement a cluster.  If you plan
>>on building a cluster, there's better software to use which I can recommend.
>I'd like to know that software, please tell me something about it. I have read
>the chapter "LDM Cluster" when I was studying LDM, you said "TCP Proxy" which
>remind me of the Director Servr which I guess has proxy software running on
>maybe they are different softwares, I did not understand it well.
>>I've had an email discussion with Doug Schuster yesterday, and I have the
>>approval to make the required changes on ultrazone.
>>One we confirm (or disprove) the changes will work, we'll request the
>>necessary changes at ECMWF as well.
>>Do I have your permission to make minor changes to the ldmd.conf and
>>restart the LDM with "ldmadmin restart"?
>Yes, please, and thank you. Just let me know some important part of these
>changes if it will not take you much time.
>Best Regards,
>Apr 1st.