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20051214:National QPE

Hi Michael,

We are working on this product, it is currently generated in tiles (at
NSSL in OK), and we are hoping to "stitch" it together for use by our

It is at 1km resolution, and covers the CONUS.

We hope to have it flowing in the IDD early next year, and am currently
unaware if it will have any distribution restrictions placed upon it.


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On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Michael W Dross wrote:

> Jeff,
> I saw in one of the emails, about a national QPE on the IDD ? I am very
> interested, since we manage several large river systems in the Carolinas
> and dams, and I am looking
> for a QPE input into our hydrologic model.  Can you tell me more about it
> and if I can have access to the data??
> Thanks!
> Michael Dross
> Meteorologist/Scientist
> Duke Power Company
> 704-560-5431