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Re: memory

Hi Patrick,

Sounds like we should play golf together...;)

We suggest 2GB of RAM and a 2GB queue..it is best if the queue can live in
RAM space...unless you have large file support..then bump it to 4GB :)

How is your feed, i noticed a later e-mail saying atm may be down?!

I'll check on that as well..at home today, little ones first day of
school, so am waiting at home for "the call" that I hope does not come.


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On Sun, 5 Sep 2004, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

> received an out of memory error today while I was on the
> golf course (losing miserably I might add!) based upon
> the increased amount of ingested data... note mrtg
> stats:
> http://weather.bgsu.edu/mrtg/
> what is the recommeneed amount of memory to be
> used on a system? the parts for the new machine
> include 1gb registered memory (dual xeon) .. should
> I beg for more memory?
> hope you are having a good holiday :)
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