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20040908:BGSU IDD ATM

Hi Patrick,

Looks as if it was going along pretty well until it died.

I suspect the spike on last sat is when you began to request the CONDUIT
and CRAFT feeds...

We are also not getting stats from:


Did you comment out that field?..sure is helpful when trouble shooting.

My guess is that when you upped your request to ingest CRAFT and CONDUIT
you reached some threshold that triggerred some sort of packet shaping.

You still have a wide open allow on atm.geo.nsf.gov..it has not changed.

I could do some volume comparisons...if we had stats, to see how much, if
any, data is being lost.

Keep me posted,

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On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

> >School went well yesterday for our little Elli.
> congratulations!!! Elli.. good name ;) ... soon you will be watching
> her walk over the platform magnum cum laude!
> >How is your feed from atm?
> http://weather.bgsu.edu/mrtg/festus_129.1.112.37.html
> poopie... dunno if i'm being throttled, or the crash messed something up etc..