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20040822: rtstats reporting from SLU LDMs (cont.)

>From: "Eric.J.Haug" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Saint Louis University
>Keywords: 200408181744.i7IHinaW023438 IDD LDM rtstats

Hi Eric,

re:  This is bad.
>I presume you mean bad with respect to IDD
>(Good for us, data is available on zephir)

Bad meaning that if you are feeding from your NOAAPORT ingest box
AND from the IDD, then you will be running decoding processes twice
for each product.  This can be very bad when the same decoder is
trying to write to the same output file more than once at the same

re:  They will.  This is how we used to power the IDD.

>Is there a URL: for how the new way works somewhere?

No, not yet.  Up to this point this has been used only at the
UPC, so we had no real need to create web-based documentation
for what we did.  We will, however, be creating a web page
of what we did to get our DVB-S NOAAPORT ingest up and working.
The code used in that project will be freely available, but it
will _not_ be a supported product (big boy warranty).

re: timeframe for getting your NOAAPORT system to play nice with the IDD
>I/we are not in any hurry.

OK, sounds good.


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