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20040821: rtstats reporting from SLU LDMs (cont.)

>From: "Eric.J.Haug" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Saint Louis University
>Keywords: 200408181744.i7IHinaW023438 IDD LDM rtstats

Hi Eric,

re: 'naiad' is ingesting the DCP channel?


OK, figured as much.

re: contents of DCP are OCONUS grids and non-CONUS GINI images



re: setting up SLU NOAAPORT to function as IDD inject node

>The boxes were purchased from SSEC using their "card" and running
>their software. Two PC based systems running Solaris 2.9 on Intel.

OK.  We used to use SSEC SDI boxes here, so we are well familiar with

>The collision of data streams occurs on zephir.eas.slu.edu now.
>Though no one has noted that it is a problem.

This is bad.

>If your ingest modules would work on that hardware
>we would run them.

They will.  This is how we used to power the IDD.  I will probably
not have time to work with you go get this going before I take off
on travel next Friday.  If I get some spare time (and it is evaporating
fast), I will try to put together what you will need to get your system
setup to play nicely with the rest of the IDD.


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