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20040821: rtstats reporting from SLU LDMs (cont.)

>From: "Eric.J.Haug" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Saint Louis University
>Keywords: 200408181744.i7IHinaW023438 IDD LDM rtstats

Hi Eric,

re: rtstat reporting from nereid and naiad

>nereid receives two of the noaaport channels
>naiad receives the third


>The problem is that i am injecting the data by:
>I get an email from the system that says a file is available.
>automatic email processing extracts the filename and feeds
>it into this command line.
>/home/ldm/bin/pqinsert -f EXP /data2/east/$FILEN
>I suspect i need to change the EXP to something else.

This might be a problem given that rtstats reports its statistics
back to the UPC using the EXP feed.  You could use SPARE...

>But it is the third noaa port channel.

'naiad' is ingesting the DCP channel?

>I suspect that there is little to be found there.

If we are talking about the 4th channel, then there are OCONUS grids
and non-CONUS GINI images there.

>that needs to be sent anywhere.


>I suspect that restats does not need to be run on naiad.

I guess I would agree in that the products you are receiving are
being tagged as coming from datastreams that do not really relate
to the IDD.  I didn't notice this when I sent you my first reply.
It strikes me that it does not do us (UPC) or the general Unidata
commnity any good for you to report statistics from your NOAAPORT
ingest boxes.  The reason for this is that we would not be able
to compare your ingestion with data flowing through the IDD.
If you were running our ingest software that classifies products
in the same way as those treated in the IDD, then it would be
very valuable for you to report statistics.  It would then be
the case that you could act as an IDD injection node for yourself
and others.  Without running the same code, the products will
not have the same MD5 checksum, so folks would get full sets of
duplicate products, and that would not be desirable.


I would suggest that we work with you -- if you are willing --
to get our ingest module working with your system, but I will
be out of the office for two weeks beginning next Friday.
Perhaps the best thing to do at this point is for you to talk
with Chuck G and/or Jim St.J about what the best way to proceed
would be.


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