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20030929: switch feed requests from squall.atmos.uiuc to flood.atmos.uiuc.edu

>From: Unidata User Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: Unidata Program Center/UCAR
>Keywords: IDD feed LDM-6

Hi Daryl,

A couple of quick items:

- During an email exchange I had this morning with David Wojtowicz of
  the University of Illinois (<address@hidden>), I found out that a
  machine you are feeding from, squall.atmos.uiuc,edu, was never
  suppose to feed downstream sites outside of U Illinois.  David will
  be shutting off non-UI allows on squall in the near future.  Given
  this situation, please change your data requests that are currently
  pointing at squall.atmos.uiuc.edu to flood.atmos.uiuc.edu.

- We see that zelgadis is still running LDM-6.0.10.  There was a
  significant change in the connection strategy between LDM-6.0.10 and
  LDM-6.0.14:  LDM-6.0.10 would first try to connect to an upstream
  site using LDM-6 protocols, and, if the connection attempt failed for
  any reason, drop back to using LDM-5 protocols.  When an upstream
  LDM-6 is stopped and restarted while a downstream is connected, the
  connection can switch from use of LDM-6 protocols to LDM-5 protocols,
  and the feed will become less efficient for both the upstream server
  and downstream client.  Given this situation, we are asking you to
  upgrade the LDM installation on zelgadis to 6.0.14 as soon as you

Thanks in advance for helping out with the above two items!


Tom Yoksas