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20030929: switch feed requests from squall.atmos.uiuc to flood.atmos.uiuc.edu and upgrade to LDM-6.0.14 (cont.)

>From: Daryl Herzmann <address@hidden>
>Organization: Iowa State
>Keywords: 200309291902.h8TJ2lk1029791 IDD feed LDM-6

Hi Daryl,

re: stop feeding from squall

>Actually, I don't need that feed anymore.  My IDD traffic is all going 
>through pircsl4.agron.iastate.edu (ldmarchive), which feeds from thelma 
>and uwisc .  I was going to send you guys an email when zelgadis was ready 
>to retire, but it still has some life in it!
>I have migrated my downstream sites to ldmarchive already and I haven't 
>heard about any problems.  ldmarchive is much faster than zelgadis...


re: upgrade zelgadis to ldm-6.0.14


Thanks for the quick response!