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20030924:Delay in GOES data feed


From our statistics page I see that the UNIWISC (GOES-Imagery) feed is
arriving with only 10-30 seconds of latency:


Do these numbers not represent what you are seeing on:


Please see:


Do you have a "middle" machine from vapor to where you are using the
data...cuz they look like they are getting to vapor in a timely manner.

Let us know..

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On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Unidata Support wrote:

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> >Subject: Delay in GOES data feed
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> TO:  Unidata IDD Support
> For the past two weeks the GOES-10 WV, VIS, IR image files
> have been getting ingested into the IDD at 40 to 1 hour after
> the data time. In normal conditions those data were getting
> to our server approximately 20 minutes after the data time.
> Could you please check on this change and let us know if this
> is a temporary or permanent change?
> In our group (Mauna Kea Weather Center project) we are using the
> GOES-10 images within the LAPS (Local Analysis and Prediction System)
> and a receipt time which is more than 30 minutes after the data
> time does not allow for LAPS to make a useful update.
> Thank you very much.
>               Tiziana Cherubini
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