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20030318: tuning rtstats to report back what you want (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200303122239.h2CMdsB2008428 LDM-6


>Not that it matters at the moment, since LDM 6.0.2 has the problem where 
>it isn't reporting statistics right, but...

Not true.  The stats are getting through with no problems.  The bug is
that the process is not expecting an acknowledgement, and it is getting
one, and it is causing the messages in people's log files.

The stats are rolling in and viewable from links under:


re: exec        "rtstats -f ANY-EXP-WSI -h rtstats.unidata.ucar.edu"

>That's what I did. WSI has a bunch of stuff you don't want on there, and I 
>can't use the EXP feed to do it, sorry.

No problem.  We are trying to keep feed uses consistent across the IDD.
Sites can use any feed names they want internally or for moving data
between themselves and non-IDD sites.

re:  weather2 is the biggie as far as the IDD goes and
it is nobody's business what other feed types you are receiving

>OK. Done! Weather and weather3 are off, weather2 is reporting all but WSI.

OK, thanks.

re: install of McIDAS and ldm-mcidas on weather3 when I get a chance
>Thank you!!!

No worries.

re: How long the grant process will take?

>OK. I meant how long will it take for me to write the grant. As for 
>equipment, approvals, etc...I know that's always funky.

OK, now I understand.  This should not be _that_ ardouous of a process.