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20030318: NLDN feed allow and LDM-6 upgrade (cont.)

>From: David Knight <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200303151644.h2FGivB2018646 IDD NLDN LDM-6

Hi David,

>    We set Gilbert up over the weekend.

Thanks.  I got word from Gilbert that this had happened, but it is nice
to have closure on my request.

>I think we're going to move slowly on ldm6. We just spent
>a bunch of time transitioning to a new ldm machine.
>Also I'd prefer to have at least known bugs squashed.

OK, no problem.  When you do the move, I think you will find that
the load on your LDM machines will actually go down.

>I'm not sure how compatible ldm6 will be with our NLDN
>ingest processes. Since it uses a queue compatible
>with ldm5 it should be OK, but, we'll take this
>one even more slowly...

The LDM-6 by design uses the LDM-5 queue transparently, so this
should not be an issue.

I appreciate your caution, in the move.  Please let us know if we can
help out in any way when you get ready to upgrade.