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20030318: tuning rtstats to report back what you want (cont.)

>From: Gilbert Sebenste <address@hidden>
>Organization: NIU
>Keywords: 200303122239.h2CMdsB2008428 LDM-6


re: fix for ldmsend/rtstats log file failure entries coming up
>Ahhh, OK. I'll look for LDM 6.0.3 soon then!

re: I meant how long will it take for me to write the grant.

>Uhhhh...hours? Days? Weeks? Months? I haven't started yet...

Here's the thing.  If you are used to writing proposals, this should
only take a day or so.  If you aren't, it will take longer.  How
long will depend on how much you research how to write proposals,


>From address@hidden Tue Mar 18 16:32:09 2003

re: how long to write an equipment proposal

OK. That's what I wanted to know. I'll budget for a few weeks then. 

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