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20021119: LDM Upgrade on FreeBSD (cont.)

>From: "Benjamin Cotton" <address@hidden>
>Organization: Purdue
>Keywords: 200210311528.g9VFSLX21227 LDM 5.2.1 5.2.2


>In an alarming display of how simple my life _can't_ be, I've run into
>yet another issue...
>(anvil.eas.purdue.edu) [/project/ldm/ldm-5.2.2/src]% gmake distclean
>gmake: Command not found.

Huh!?  gmake is found in /usr/local/bin on our FreeBSD 4.5 system.
As far as I know, it comes with the operating system.

>I'm going to talk to our department sysadmin about whether it exists
>anywhere on our machine or not.  Since he's probably restacking his
>Mountain Dew cans, can you offer any suggestions on what I can do?  Is
>gmake available over ftp from anywhere, or can I trick make into
>thinking it is really gmake?

If gmake is really not on your system (check this with a 'locate gmake')
it will have to get installed.  You system administrator will need to
do this.

If all else fails, I will attempt to create a binary distribution of
LDM 5.2.2 that you can use.