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20021119: UFRJ as a primary IDD redistribution point for Brazil (cont.)

>From:  David Garrana Coelho <address@hidden>
>Organization:  UFRJ
>Keywords:  200211131628.gADGSZL18316 IDD-Brazil LDM 5.2.2 McIDAS


>Clock is okay now, we are under daylight saving time, and i forgot
>to set the clock to the current time.

Hmm...  It seems like this should have been done automatically for you.
Linux seems pretty good about knowing about time changes, but that
may just be for the US.

>I added the crontab line, and created the account you asked for.

Excellent!  Thank you so much for this!

re: Brazilian satellite sectors
>We would love to have access to such products. I believe one week or so of
>keeping imagery is fine, but not sure how much it would take.

One week of Brazilian satellite sectors would be a LOT of data.  Each
image will be on the order of 3 MB, and those images will be created
for multiple bands (wavelength channels).  As I get things setup on
brisa, I will setup scouring to leave a small number (like 20 or so) of
each type on disk.  As we see how much disk space gets used, we can
increase or decrease the number saved.


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