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Re: upstream data feed source

Hello Aaron, 

I would like to preface this response with some caveats..

1) Unidata does not guarantee "operational" status for data delivery
        i.e. we are not a 24/7 shop, we strive to maintain near real-time
        data feeds, but cannot guarantee..

2) Private sector groups, such as yourself, are asked to cooperate with a
        local (or nearby) University or College that is currently
        participating in the IDD for data feeds AND support..

The software is provided free of charge from our website:


and there are no costs associated with the data.

Ok, that being said, where are you located, and what data feeds:


do you think you may desire?

Thank you,

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On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Aaron Heise wrote:

> Hi, I need information on an upstream data feed source for use with LDM 
> and GEMPAK.
> Site Name:    Waupaca County Amateur Radio Emergency Service BBS
> Site Admin:   Aaron Heise
> Email:                <address@hidden>
> Phone:                (920)982-3620
> FQDN:         kb9qwc.dyndns.org
> thanks.