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Re: ldm feed

My reception of the DDS is also fine, as well as NEXRAD and NMC3. It is
really the HDS and MCIDAS data that I seem to get way behind on. I've
tried playing with different queue sizes and various "rpc.ldmd -o" time
lengths, but I haven't been able to catch up. I'm out of the office this
week on vacation :), I'll have to follow up on this in detail next week.
Thanks for checking your feed out though, I appreciate it!

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On Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Larry Riddle wrote:

> Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 19:54:32 +0000
> From: Larry Riddle <address@hidden>
> To: Mike Voss <address@hidden>
> Cc: Larry Riddle <address@hidden>, address@hidden
> Subject: Re: ldm feed
> >My primary feed is Arizona, but I have been feeding from your machine
> >recently. Since about Sunday (7-21) the HDS and MCIDAS data has been
> >inconsistent...I believe because of latency issues. I've been trying to
> >figure out if my machine is not handling the load or what. When I do a
> >notifyme on aeolus I get the following:
> >
> >----snip----
> >
> >....which looks good. But when I add on a time, ie,:
> >
> >---snip-----
> >
> >..which tells me there is data over three hours old in your queue, maybe
> >that is on purpose.
> >
> >Anyway, I just though I would check and see if all your data is coming in
> >in a timely manner?
> Well, I don't check it that close, so I can't say for sure.  But, I don't 
> think so.
> To keep track of whether or not my system is running properly, I have a 
> script that runs three times an hour.  It checks to see how large the 
> current hour's METAR file is.  If it isn't greater than or equal to a 
> specified value (based on past experience), it sends me a nagging email 
> asking me to check things out.
> If the file is small, it also checks to see how long it's been since the 
> file was last updated.  If it's been more than five minutes, it sends a 
> page to my cell phone.  Nag, nag, nag.  (I do search and rescue, so my cell 
> phone and I are seldom separated for very long.)
> It's sent me email a couple of times in the last week, but has never paged 
> me.  Of course, that's the METARs and not HDS or MCIDAS.
> Larry
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