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Yes, I maintain a Mavenized VisAD mirror at I had to restructure the project a bit to follow the Maven directory structure. I also had to prune out some (I suspect obsolete) source in order for VisAD to build with Maven. See the note at the bottom of the README. This effort took < 2 hours of work.

VisAD development seems to move in "waves", and I wait for a wave to complete before resyncing the projects. (In other words, there are a few recent commits that I have not grabbed yet. Waiting for things to settle a bit.)

I think a more official move to Maven and github would benefit the VisAD community for various reasons.

. Giving new and existing VisAD users an easy avenue to incorporate VisAD into their project via Maven mechanisms (both through mvn build and access through Maven Central). (The THREDDS project does this now, internally in Unidata) . Maven is the de facto standard project management tool in the Java ecosystem. Once a project has been Mavenized, other tools like continuous integration software can take advantage of this common baseline. It also gives developers outside the project an idea of what they are dealing with and where to start poking around. . Opportunity to clean out cruft. For example, I think there is a netcdf-java dependency in VisAD that is extremely out of date. Also, current VisAD dependencies are brought in with the raw source, rather than external dependencies (e.g. Jama). This would have to be cleaned up. . In my experience github has a more vibrant open source community, leading to greater collaborative development. Many many open source projects have been moving to github.

I would be very happy to help out in this area if there is any or sufficient interest. Having a Mavenized VisAD available on Maven central would be a good goal.

In the meantime, I will continue to maintain the VisAD mirror at

Just my $0.02


On 6/5/12 6:08 PM, Tomas Pluskal wrote:
Hi Curtis,

Another option would be to use Unidata's existing Maven repository ( Then you could deploy JARs there with a little less bureaucracy than Maven Central has. Of course, artifacts would also be less visible, as they would not be discoverable on search aggregators such as <>.

That is of course an option. However, I cannot help with that, so the effort has to be taken by someone who has access to that repository.

On the other hand, if you decide to deploy to Maven Central, I can do the setup and provide the complete ant tasks for that.



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