Re: [visad] VisAD through maven

Hi Tomas,

On 6/4/12 2:20 AM, Tomas Pluskal wrote:

I have a question related to VisAD distribution.
I noticed there is a maven-based build of VisAD on Github:
The official VisAD sources are ant-based.
Is there any plan to switch the build system to maven?

There has been some discussion on this topic (you can search the list archive). I think git/github is a possibility in the near future as J.Chastang (Unidata) has already started the ball rolling. A few have commented that Maven is pretty heavyweight, and has a steep learning curve so we'll see - SSEC is a project driven, so we have to justify
our efforts with the expectations of our funding sources.

And (here is my point), is there any plan to publish VisAD jars into the official Maven Central repository? That would make life easier for people who embed VisAD into their projects (like us :)

I recently assisted with publishing Jmol into Maven Central through the Sonatype Open Source repository (
If you would like to go the same way, I can do the same for VisAD.

Any help you could provide when we "make the jump" would be appreciated. If enough people can provide some assistance, including answering questions for us cvs/svn folks,
maybe this can happen sooner.

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