Re: [netcdf-java] NetCDF metadata to ISO 19115: code donation to UCAR?


How will this affect those of us with projects with dependencies on GeoTools?  
It appears that GeoTools through 2.7 implements a version of GeoAPI 2.x and 
that with GeoTools 8 the developers are utilizing there own copy of the 
GeoTools API [1].

If NetCDF-Java were to include GeoAPI 3.0 as  a dependency would those of us 
with GeoTools dependencies be subject to API clashes (assuming some package and 
interface names are shared) with the differing versions required?  This could 
be a huge headache.

Tom Kunicki
Center for Integrated Data Analytics
U.S. Geological Survey
8505 Research Way
Middleton, WI  53562

On Nov 26, 2011, at 1:41 PM, Martin Desruisseaux wrote:

> Hello Jon
> I'm glad this ISO 19115-2 / NetCDF metadata mapping can be of interest :-)
> Le 26/11/11 18:49, John Caron a écrit :
>> Sorry, this got lost in the cracks. We would be interested in incorporating 
>> this. The main issue is handling the GeoAPI dependencies, which we are ready 
>> to try to solve. Is this ready to try incorporating? We would do it for 4.3.
> Yes, this is ready to incorporate at any time at your convenience. The 
> dependencies issue can probably be isolated by providing the functionality in 
> a separated module, so you can select which dependencies is acceptable for 
> which module.
> Some decisions that need to be done regarding dependencies are:
> Which GeoAPI version: 3.0.0 (the officially released version), or 
> 3.1-SNAPSHOT (still under development). Normally I would recommand 3.0.0. 
> However in 3.1-SNAPSHOT, we are in process of removing the JSR-275 unit 
> dependencies (which has been rejected by the JCP) by a Unit interface, so you 
> can use the Unit implementation of your choice. Because the NetCDF library 
> has its own unit package, maybe the Unit interface would be more suitable...
> GeoAPI provides ISO 19115-2 metadata interfaces, but no implementation. So 
> you would need to choose whatever you prefer to use an existing 
> implementation, or write your own. Current choices are:
> metadata module. Advantages: can marshal/unmarshal ISO 19139 
> XML, nice 'toString()' formatting, can provide dynamic view as java.util.Map. 
> Inconvenient: this is a dependency of about 1 Mb.
> Use the GeoAPI metadata demo as a starting point: Advantages: very light, 
> public domain (so you can put that under NetCDF license with no obligation at 
> all). Inconvenient: No ISO 19139 XML marshal/unmarshalling.
> Then, the ISO 19115-2 / NetCDF metadata mapping code would use the library 
> selected above.
> Thats the main items to put in balance that popup from my mind for now...
>     Martin
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