[netcdf-java] NetCDF metadata to ISO 19115: code donation to UCAR?

Hello UCAR maintainers

This is a proposal related to the "THREDDSMetadata" thread. The NcISO software translates NetCDF metadata to ISO 19115-2 using XSL files. I'm in the process of translating the XSL logic to pure Java code for programmatic convenience, performance, /etc./ However because this work depends very strongly on NetCDF/THREDDS conventions, I feel that it would be better to have it as a module of the UCAR NetCDF-Java library. Would the UCAR maintainers be interrested to take the code once I finished it? I would be happy to give it.


 * It can be a separated module; it doesn't need to live in the NetCDF core 
 * The public API depends on NetCDF core and GeoAPI 3.0.0 interfaces
     o GeoAPI 3.0.0 is now an OGC standard (since April)
     o GeoAPI is deployed on Maven Central
     o The GeoAPI governance follow OGC rules (voting process, etc.).
 * A GeoAPI implementation is required, but you have the choice:
     o Simple implementation based on HashMap (public domain)
     o Or the Geotoolkit.org implementation (which I'm using)
         + You need only the metadata module; you can ignore referencing.
         + Also deployed on Maven Central.

The Java code looks like below:

        final DefaultMetadata metadata = new DefaultMetadata();
        if (services != null) {
         * Add the ResponsibleParty which is declared in global attributes.
        ResponsibleParty contact = createResponsibleParty(
                createOnlineResource(getAttribute("creator_url"), null, null),
        if (contact != null) {
        // etc...

So the Java code is pretty much straight-forward, the "real" work is to apply NetCDF convention, which is why I feel this code would be better served if it lived as a module of the NetCDF library.

Any interest?


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