Re: [netcdf-java] THREDDSMetadata in NetCDF files

Hello again Dave

Sorry to bother you for what may be a trivial question (I'm also unfamiliar with XPath, in case my question is related to XPath syntax)...

On the following page:

For example we can read for the "creator_name" attribute a "metadata/creator/name" THREDDS path. But I'm not sure how to interpret this path. Is it a "name" attribute inside a "creator" group which is itself inside a "metadata" group? What means the @ character that we can read in some place? (for example "metadata/creator/contact@url")?

Later on the same page, there is a NcML example which contains (simplified):

<group name="THREDDSMetadata">
  <attribute name="id" value="crm_v1" />
  <attribute name="creator_name" value="David Neufeld"/>
  <attribute name="creator_email" value="David.Neufeld@xxxxxxxx"/>

But this doesn't seem consistent with my previous paragraph:

 * The group name is "THREDDSMetadata", not "metadata"
 * There is no "creator" sub-group with a "name" attribute, but instead a
   "creator_name" attribute.

Furthermore the file seems to give yet an other picture, since the path is defined as (omitting the global attribute):


Which I interpret as "name" attribute inside a "creator" group, itself inside a "creators" group (does it means that we can have many groups named "creator" inside "creators" in a NetCDF file? I know we can do that in XML, but is it allowed in NetCDF too?), itself inside "THREDDSMetadata" group.

So I'm a little bit confused... Maybe my understing is not correct? What are the THREDDS attributes we are supposed to look at?


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