Re: [netcdf-java] THREDDSMetadata in NetCDF files

Hi Martin,

In the latest release of ncISO, we combine metadata that is available either in the file or available through THREDDS.

The XSLT 2.0 stylesheet from Ted Habermann uses a precedence model that looks to use the id from THREDDS because it is guaranteed to be unique. See this link for more information:

In prior versions of ncISO (where we had not yet incorporated THREDDS metadata) we relied on naming authority + id to create fileIdentifier. Feel free to join the ncisometadata google group if you have more specific ncISO questions.

Hope that helps,

On 10/5/2011 9:31 AM, Martin Desruisseaux wrote:
Hello all

I'm currently working on improvement of NetCDF support in Among my tasks, I'm working on a "NetCDF <-> ISO 19115" metadata mapping. I'm using the ncISO mapping as a basis:


I'm not very familiar with this syntax, but my understanding of lines like:

<xsl:variable name="id" as="xs:string*" 

is that an "id" attribute is search in the "THREDDSMetadata" group inside the NetCDF file. Is that right? I have not been able to find an example of NetCDF file having such group on internet. Does anyone have such example NetCDF file? (not XML). The NetCDF Subversion repository in its cdm/src/test/data/thredds/cataloggen/testData/model/ directory contains only empty files...



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