Re: [netcdf-java] NetCDF metadata to ISO 19115: code donation to UCAR?

Hello Jon

I'm glad this ISO 19115-2 / NetCDF metadata mapping can be of interest :-)

Le 26/11/11 18:49, John Caron a écrit :
Sorry, this got lost in the cracks. We would be interested in incorporating this. The main issue is handling the GeoAPI dependencies, which we are ready to try to solve. Is this ready to try incorporating? We would do it for 4.3.

Yes, this is ready to incorporate at any time at your convenience. The dependencies issue can probably be isolated by providing the functionality in a separated module, so you can select which dependencies is acceptable for which module.

Some decisions that need to be done regarding dependencies are:

 * Which GeoAPI version: 3.0.0 (the officially released version), or
   3.1-SNAPSHOT (still under development). Normally I would recommand 3.0.0.
   However in 3.1-SNAPSHOT, we are in process of removing the JSR-275 unit
   dependencies (which has been rejected by the JCP) by a Unit interface, so
   you can use the Unit implementation of your choice. Because the NetCDF
   library has its own unit package, maybe the Unit interface would be more

 * GeoAPI provides ISO 19115-2 metadata interfaces, but no implementation. So
   you would need to choose whatever you prefer to use an existing
   implementation, or write your own. Current choices are:
     o metadata module. Advantages: can marshal/unmarshal ISO
       19139 XML, nice 'toString()' formatting, can provide dynamic view as
       java.util.Map. Inconvenient: this is a dependency of about 1 Mb.
     o Use the GeoAPI metadata demo as a starting point: Advantages: very
       light, public domain (so you can put that under NetCDF license with no
       obligation at all). Inconvenient: No ISO 19139 XML marshal/unmarshalling.

Then, the ISO 19115-2 / NetCDF metadata mapping code would use the library selected above.

Thats the main items to put in balance that popup from my mind for now...


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