NSF Unidata Strategic Advisory Committee

NSF Unidata Strategic Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The NSF Unidata Strategic Advisory Committee provides a “Big Picture” perspective, helping the Unidata Program better understand data and technology trends within the university geoscience community. This high-level, long-term perspective is crucial to Unidata’s ability to successfully anticipate community needs and provide proactive solutions and cyberinfrastructure leadership.

The eight voting members of the committee are drawn from academia, balancing the membership to represent a range of colleges and universities and to reflect the concerns of both instructors and researchers. The committee also includes representatives from NASA, NOAA, and NSF, as well as from UCAR and NCAR, who are important sources of information and advice about events and conditions that can profoundly affect the program.

The Strategic Advisory Committee meets twice a year, and its members serve three-year terms. The committee's official charge is as follows:

The Strategic Advisory Committee recommends to the Unidata Director on policies, activities, and objectives. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, usage, development, services, licensing, financial status, sponsorship, and relations with the private sector. The committee's most important responsibility is to ensure that the needs of the university community are met and that Unidata is responsive to those needs.

Note: At the October 2013 meeting, committee members voted to change the name of from "Unidata Policy Committee" to "Unidata Strategic Advisory Committee." Documents created before the name change will continue to refer to the Policy Committee; documents created after the change will use the name Strategic Advisory Committee.

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Committee Meetings

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September 26-27, 2024 (Joint meeting with the Users Committee)

May 2-3, 2024

November 2-3, 2023 (Joint meeting with the Users Committee)

April 17-18, 2023

November, 2022 (Joint meeting with the Users Committee)

Summer 2022

Fall 2021

February 16 & 25 2021

August 6-7 2020

April 20–21, 2020

October 1–3, 2019 (Joint meeting with Users Committee)

April 16–17 April, 2019

September 20 – 21, 2018

March 29 – 30, 2018

October 17 – 18, 2017 (Joint meeting with Users Committee)

April 13–14, 2017

October 6–7, 2016

April 7–8, 2016

September 30 – October 2, 2015

April 22-23, 2015

October 8-9, 2014

May 20-21, 2014

October 10-11, 2013*
*The committee's name was changed from “Policy Committee” to “Strategic Advisory Committee” at the October 2013 meeting.

May 14-15, 2013

September 18-19, 2012 (Joint meeting with Users Committee)

May 14-15, 2012

October 26-28, 2011 (Joint meeting with Users Committee)

May 23-24, 2011

October 21-22, 2010

April 15-16, 2010

October 15, 2009 (Joint meeting with Users Committee)

May 12-13, 2009

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