Unidata Strategic Advisory Committee Meeting

8-9 October 2014

Action Items

Meeting Summary

Action 1: Request Scott Jacobs provide a developers guide for AWIPS II (Josh Young)

Action 2: Demonstration of ArcGIS tools at a subsequent meeting in Boulder (UPC)

Action 3: Please submit comments on the diagram of Software Engineering Projects to Josh Young (Committee)

Action 4: Provide Ethan Davis with the contact information for the NASA developer working on user registration (Christopher Lynnes)

Action 5: Experiment with flipped learning for training at Unidata (UPC)

Action 6: Distribute link to McIDAS instructional videos (Dave Santek)

Action 7: Assess NOAA use of Unidata tools (UPC)

Action 8: Short study of requirements for long-tail data integration leveraging Unidata services (Josh Young)

Action 9: Strengthen interactions between McIDAS-V team and IDV steering committee regarding McIdas-V and IDV infrastructure and dependencies (Dave Santek)

Josh Young
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