Action Items

14-15 May 2012

Unidata Policy Committee


Action 1: Unidata and NOAA (NWS and NCEP) should communicate the fact that GEMPAK is not going away and a "future of GEMPAK" article or slide should be added to Unidata's AWIPS II information, including an article on current status of AWIPS II, including NCP. Doug Dirks, Michael James and Linda Miller should work with Michelle on this action.

ACTION 2: Tom Whittaker will follow developments from the WMO meeting related to GRIB, BUFR and netCDF and provide an update to the committees at the September meeting.

ACTION 3: Unidata-CADIS-data translation from data loggers – develop converters to do translation - Mohan suggested a discussion with usercomm and polcomm this issue at the next meeting.

ACTION 4: Linda will coordinate Unidata Policy Committee meeting next May 2013 at new NCEP building.

ACTION 5: Fall meeting discussion about training, related materials, data contributions, upload services.

ACTION 6: Need to check AWIPS II algorithms for Quality Control (QC)-Rhonla Henry, Ed Mandell, and Michelle Mainelli will follow up on this item.