Committee Member Resources

Unidata Committee Member Resources

This page collects resources that may be valuable to members of Unidata's governing committees. If there is something you would like to see included here, please let us know.

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Users Committee
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Strategic Advisory Committee
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Committee and General Unidata Information

Unidata's broad mission:

To transform the geosciences community, research, and education by providing innovative data services and tools

gives a hint at the wide variety of activities undertaken at the Unidata Program Center. The Unidata web site provides a wealth of information about what's going on in the Undiata program. Some pages that might be of particular interest:

  • The About Us page provides links to information about current projects, staff, future plans, etc.
  • Basic information about Unidata's governing committees is available on the Governing Committees page.
  • Contact information for Unidata Program Center staff is available on the Staff Listing page.
  • Current news items are posted on the News@Unidata blog.

Committee Meeting Schedule and Meeting Archives

The date for the next planned committee meeting is always published on the individual committee's web page:

The committee pages also contain links to the agenda for the next meeting (when it becomes available), and links to agendas and meeting summaries for past meetings.

We strongly encourage committee member to bring laptops or tablets to the committee meetings, as we generally do not provide agendas or other information in printed form.

Committee Meeting Travel and Logistics

Unidata Users Committee members meet twice each year at the Unidata Program Center in Boulder, Colorado. Strategic Advisory Committee members meet once in Boulder and once at a member university or agency site. Unidata pays travel expenses and per diem for committee meetings, and Unidata Program Center staff handle travel arrangements and reinbursement.

See the Unidata Travel page for additional information.

Committee E-Mail Lists

As a committee member, you are automatically subscribed to the e-mail list for your committee. Committee lists and their archives are accessible to committee members and UPC staff, but not to the wider Unidata community.

To send a message to your committee's list, use the corresponding address:

Note that you will only be able to post to the committee e-mail list from the e-mail address we have on file for you at the Program Center. If your e-mail address changes, please let us know.

Note also that messages sent to the main committee e-mail lists are delivered to agency and UCAR representatives and the UPC staff. If your message is intended for only the university-affiliated committee members, you can use the "core" lists:

The core lists are limited to university-affiliated committee members and select UPC staff members.

Community E-mail Lists

We maintain numerous community e-mail lists focusing on a variety of topics, from general community information to support for specific software packages. See the Mailing Lists page for information and to subscribe to individual lists.

We suggest that you subscribe to the community e-mail list at minimum, adding other topical lists to match your interests.

Committee Membership Lists

We maintain a membership page for each committee with contact information for all current members:

If we have any of your contact information listed incorrectly, please let us know.

We also maintain a Historical Membership List.