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Registration Open for 2018 Unidata Users Workshop

2012 Users Workshop
Bring a poster!

Registration for the 2018 Unidata Users Workshop is now open.

The Unidata Users Committee invites you to join Unidata staff, community members, and distinguished speakers this June in Boulder, Colorado. The goal of this year's workshop is to raise awareness of the current trends in the academic geoscience community with an emphasis on Data Proximate Analysis, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Using GOES-16 Data, and Working with Ensemble NWP Output. Scientists and educators from the academic geoscience community will present ideas and techniques for making effective use of geoscience data and share activities, course materials, and ideas for improving education and research. There will be hands-on workshops, a poster session, and time for informal discussions with presenters and Unidata developers.

The workshop, titled Reducing Time to Science: Evolving Workflows for Geoscience Research and Education, is scheduled for June 25-28, 2018.

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2018 Unidata Users Workshop: Save the Date

2015 Users Workshop

The Unidata Users Committee invites you to join Unidata staff, community members, and guests for a community workshop to take place in 25-29 June 2018 in Boulder, Colorado.

This will be the Unidata community's sixth triennial workshop. The Unidata Users Committee is currently planning the 2018 event, but we encourage community members to save the date. Updates will be provided via e-mail, posts on the News@Unidata blog, and on the 2018 Unidata Users Workshop web page as planning progresses.

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Wanted: Student Representative for Unidata Users Committee

Student Representatives
Some past student representatives

The Unidata Users Committee is seeking nominations for a Graduate Student representative to join the group of nine university faculty members currently serving on this committee. Nominees should be Graduate Students who use Unidata software, hold a strong interest in the Unidata program, and have an interest in learning how a community-based program like Unidata is governed. Nominations may be made by any community member, and self-nominations are acceptable. This position will be for a two-year term beginning with the fall 2017 Users Committee meeting.

In addition to bringing a valuable student perspective to Unidata committee discussions, Graduate Student representatives make numerous professional contacts at Unidata and in the university community at large, and gain insights stemming from participation in Unidata program governance. The Unidata Users committee meets twice a year in Boulder, CO; the Unidata Program Center pays all travel and lodging expenses for the student representative's travel to committee meetings.

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2015 Users Workshop Explores Python, Cloud Computing, Data Management

Workshop poster session

The 2015 Unidata Users Workshop took place June 22-25 at UCAR's Center Green facility in Boulder, Colorado. The workshop's theme — Data-Driven Geoscience: Applications, Opportunities, Trends, and Challenges — drew participants from across the atmospheric and other geosciences communities. Attendees took part in a series of presentations and hands-on exercises that explored how trends in cloud computing and Python-based workflows affect how scientists interact with and manage ever-growing data volumes.

Eighteen presenters from the Unidata community shared their insights on incorporating new technologies into scientific workflows across the geosciences. Sessions investigated topics ranging from using python tools to access remote datasets and adding cloud computing resources to data-intensive processes to building literacy in scientific computing and preserving data resources and citations. In many cases, presenters encouraged other participants to follow along with hands-on examples and exercises.

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Unidata Users Workshop Registration Extended

2012 Users Workshop
Bring a poster!

Workshop registration is open until June 15, 2015. Note that while we can no longer guarantee that lodging at the workshop hotel will be available, if you wish to attend and need lodging in Boulder you can contact the Workshop Coordinator to discuss options.

The workshop will be held June 22-25 in Boulder, Colorado. The Unidata Users Committee invites you to join other community members, distinguished presenters from academia and industry, and Unidata staff to raise awareness of important new trends in geoscience technology, including cloud computing, data management, and the place of the Python language in geoscience computing infrastructure. The workshop is a chance for the academic community and share hands-on activities, course materials, and ideas for improving research and education.

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News and information from the Unidata Program Center



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