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[LDM #KJF-988774]: Ack 'versions' file is now missing on the LDM download repo

Hi Stephen,

The GitHub repository is for development: releases are *not* made there.

I'm working on the "version.texi" thing.

> I have a script i've used for many years to automatically grab, build, and 
> deploy LDM.
> the meat is:
> ldm_base_url="ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/ldm/";
> ...
> if [ -n "${ldm_ver}" ] && curl -s "${ldm_base_url}/versions" | sed -e 
> 's/\.tar.*$//' | grep -q "^${ldm_ver}$"; then
> :   # user specified a version of LDM that exists on servers
> else
> echo "You must specify a version of LDM that exists.  Valid LDM versions are:"
> curl -s "${ldm_base_url}/versions" | sed -e 's/\.tar.*$//' -e 's/^/    /' || 
> { rc=$? ; echo "Curl to get LDM versions failed, aborting..."; exit ${rc} ;}
> exit 1
> fi
> i.e it tries to grab 'ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/ldm/versions' to figure 
> out if a specified version is valid, or to find the latest release.
> That file is no longer present.
> Is this an oversight or a permanent change?

Steve Emmerson

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