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[UDUNITS #ODA-678107]: Seeking list of recognized units

Hi Catherine,

I've verified that "meters per second per second" and "" work for the
> acceleration

"m/s2", "m.s-2", "m s-2" would also work, if you want symbols.

> and unitless quantities respectively.  Fixing these two solved most of my
> errors, but there is one more puzzler remaining:
> How should "seconds since 1970.1.1" be changed to be CF compliant?

The UDUNITS package follows the ISO 8601 standard for timestamps, so your
"unit" (it ain't one, really, but that's a story for another time) would be
"seconds since 1970-01-01".

I'd still like to know what a "DN" is.

Steve Emmerson
UDUNITS Developer

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