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[UDUNITS #ODA-678107]: Seeking list of recognized units

Hello Catherine,

> I am trying to bring some of my colleague’s data products into compliance 
> with the CF standard, and am getting a lot of errors such as ‘Invalid units: 
> not recognized by UDUNITS”.  So, I am wondering where I can find the list of 
> units that are recognized so we can use them instead.

Does this help: 

> I did see an older thread from 2011 
> (https://www.unidata.ucar.edu/support/help/MailArchives/udunits/msg00821.html)
>  that provided a partial list, but I didn’t see an equivalent to “meters per 
> second square” or “DN”.  These are the two main units that are kicking up 
> errors, as well as “unitless”.

What's a "DN"?

The UDUNITS-2 parser can't yet handle "second squared" or things like "square 

> Which variants of “meters per second square” and “DN” should I be using?

The UDUNITS-2 parser should handle "meters per second per second".

> And, what is the proper way of dealing with a unitless quantity?

Ether the empty string ("") or the string "1".

> Should I delete the “units” attribute from that variable, or is there a 
> specific string to use for that situation?

Steve Emmerson

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