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[UDUNITS #MZK-350035]: building udunits 2.2.24 on windows with VS2013


> I am a software developer at ESRI working with Nawajish Noman on NetCDF and
> UDUnits.

Please to make your acquaintance.

> I have communicated previously with Ward Fisher on several occasions about
> NetCDF.
> I was trying to compile the latest *udunits 2.2.24* distribution on windows
> and I’m having some problems.

Oh dear. I'm not a Windows expert. I'll try my best.

> Could you could help me out?
> My current build environment has:
> -        Windows 10
> -        VS2013
> -        MinGW
> -        CMake
> -        Cygwin
> Ultimately I require this in VS2013 and need the udunits functions to
> operate on date/time.
> I tried building the sources in two different ways….
> (1)*Using CMake **à configure in the CMAKE GUI:*
> Building Windows DLL: ON
> DEFAULT_UDUNITS2_XML_PATH = "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\udunits\\share\\
> udunits\\udunits2.xml"
> install-info(1) not found. Top-level info(1)-file will not be modified.
> CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:150 (MESSAGE):
> makeinfo(1) not found. Existing documentation will be used.
> Found CUnit. Unit-testing enabled.
> Texinfo-file "udunits2lib.texi" will not be processed.
> Texinfo-file "udunits2prog.texi" will not be processed.
> Texinfo-file "udunits2.texi" will not be processed.
> Configuring done
> I generated the project/solution files for VS2013 and noticed these
> problems:
> -        Test projects would not build because of missing glob.h (which I
> understand is a POSIX only thing)
> -        Udunits2 and libudunits2 both built but I could not find
> udunits-1.c in the generated projects.

I mistakenly left the UDUNITS version 1 interface out of the distribution.

It will be in the next release.

The files are "lib/udunits-1.c" and "lib/udunits.h" if you want to get them
from the GitHub repository.

> I’m familiar with using utInit() from earlier versions and was hoping to
> use the same.
> (2)*Using Cygwin directly*
> I used
> ./configure --prefix=/cygdrive/c/temp/ud CC=/bin/gcc
> But I get this error
> checking for library containing XML_StopParser... no
> configure: error: cannot find EXPAT function XML_StopParser
> I tried using LIBS and LDFLAGS with ./configure but I still get the error.
> How do I specify my expat lib & paths with configure?

Odd. You should be able to specify the Expat library to the configure(1)
script via LIBS.

What was the configure(1) command you used?

Steve Emmerson

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