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[UDUNITS #FQG-435699]: Problem with ut_decode_time


I apologize for the tardiness of this response.

I'm having trouble duplicating your problem. Can you tell me the value of the
input-argument to ut_decode_time() that results in a 60 second return-value?

Alternatively, what are the input values to ut_encode_time() that would
result in a value that, when given to ut_decode_time, would yield 60 seconds?

> I have a problem with ut_decode_time returning 60 seconds instead of 0
> seconds and Minutes+1.
> I see on the github change log that this was fixed in version 2.2.24,
> however it still happens to me on day 366 of the year 2000, even using
> version 2.2.24.  Is it possible that you could have overlooked that
> edge-case or do you think that I'm doing something wrong?
> I have been using the routine as part of a set of code that has
> processed hundreds of thousand of daily files of SSM/I passive microwave
> data and so far this it is only files from that particular day that show
> this problem.

Steve Emmerson

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