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[UDUNITS #WLG-288921]: UDUnits for Windows?


> Hi,
> I work for the California Dept of Water Resources.

Do you know my brother, Mark Emmerson?

> We are a multi-OS shop
> but many of our users are most comfortable in Windows.We're trying to do
> some planning, and there seems to be a useful toolchain (cf-python,
> udunits) that is hobbled for Windows right now.
> I do keep an eye on it, though, and I saw you made changes to Windows. Is
> there any change expected in the level of support in the future?

Same level of support as now (i.e., when I get around to it -- unless someone 
else wants to help).

> Thanks -- I know this is difficult. I think that Mingw-w64 would be enough,
> provided it can be made compliant with what python expects and the devil is
> probably in the details there. A more native compiler like Intel would be
> better. Is there a solid sense of what the hitch is?

What hitch? Last I heard the UDUNITS package could be built on Windows.

You might check-out the UDUNITS issue-tracker on GitHub 

> Thanks,
> Eli

Steve Emmerson

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