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[UDUNITS #PLH-824493]: Error compiling UDUNITS


I understand. I shouldn't have asked for the file "make.log". My mistake.

The file "config.log" indicates that the configure(1)-script command "gcc -o 
conftest -O -DNDEBUG  conftest.c -lexpat  -lm" failed (because the "expat" 
library couldn't be found). This is a pretty simple command. It could fail 
because "/usr/lib64/libexpat.so" isn't valid (it is), because the linker isn't 
searching the "/usr/lib64" directory (unlikely), or because gcc(1) is building 
32-bit object files and the 32-bit version of the EXPAT library, 
"/usr/lib/libexpat.so", doesn't exist.

What's the output of the command "gcc -v"?

We figure you're keeping your fingers in the technological pie. :-)

> Hi Steve,  Thanks for helping me out on this.
> First, let me be clear what I'm done.  I downloaded UDUNITS.2.2.17 tarfile,
> unpacked it and extracted the files.  I then try to run configure in that
> directory.  configure does not finish, but exits with the error:
> configure: error: cannot find EXPAT function XML_StopParser
> Since configure doesn't finish, I never get to the compile step hence gcc
> isn't even invoked at this point.  Hence I don't have a make.log file (I
> presume configure creates the Makefile, as the package only has a
> Makefile.in). No Makefile is created by configure, presumably since
> configure exits with an error before finishing.
> I have attached 3 files:
> a) info.txt        This is the output of "file libexpat.so.1" and of the
> command "nm libexpat.so.1"
> b) config.log     The log file created by configure
> c) configure.out This is the output of "configure >> configure.out"
> I am not invoking the build of UDUNITS from a higher level Make command.
> If the intention of building the package is that UDUNITS configure and
> build is invoked from a higher level Make command that builds the entire
> LDM/UDUNITS/NETCDF package, then that isn't what I've done.  If that's the
> case, I don't see how to do that as the package LDM, UDUNITS, NetCDF all
> appear to be independent packages acquired and built separately.
> One last comment.  I'm building this on CentOS7, which is a relatively new
> (6 months ish) old release of RHEL.
> Again, thanks for your help and sorry if my problems are the result of a
> naive user.
> Regards,
> Peter Neilley
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> * Peter **Neilley  *|
> * w:* 978 983 6554      *e:* address@hidden

Steve Emmerson

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