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[UDUNITS #FYK-161024]: units for radiation question


The question is what should the unit specification "rad" mean? Radian or 
centigray? A choice has to be made and the winner was "radian". The 
commented-out portion was kept for historical reasons.

So, the UDUNITS package interprets "rad" as meaning "radian". If you want the 
radiation unit, then use "centigray" or "cGy".

> Randy here (again) ... how are you ?

Hangin' in there. Can't complain (nobody listens :-).

> I am confused about the units for radiation.
> The on-line documentation basically says that "rads" is used for
> "radians".
> And then it shows centigray (cGy), but the entry is commented out.
> For our data variables that contain this quantity, what units should we
> use ?
> v/r
> rh

Steve Emmerson

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