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[UDUNITS #CEJ-221616]: UDUNITs on the web -- help! (in 3 acts)


> Steve et al,
> A while ago I said if I developed the XSLT (to transform UDUNITS XML to HTML) 
> I'd send it to you. Voila, I did develop it, and here it is.


> I'm happy to answer questions about it. I haven't checked the template in, or 
> posted the HTML anywhere, but if you don't think you will have time in the 
> near future, I could put it up on the MMI site 'in the meantime'.

I'll try to incorporate it ASAP in my copious spare time. ;-)  Might take a few 

> Also, please let me know if you would like to make use of it in the UDUNITS 
> site and maintain it there. If not, I'll find a public place for that code.

If the xsltproc(1) command-lines work on my Linux systems, then it should be 
relatively easy to incorporate the HTML into the UDUNITS website.

> I had a technical question but I'll send it in separate email. Thanks for 
> your support of the UDUNITS work.
> John
> =====================
> Technical Details:
> I ran it against my own copy of the UDUNITS package using xsltproc, a tool I 
> apparently installed on my OS X machine with anaconda. With luck any XSLT 
> transform engine will work.
> xsltproc udunits2_to_html.xslt /opt/local/share/udunits/udunits2-accepted.xml 
> > udunit2-accepted.html
> xsltproc udunits2_to_html.xslt /opt/local/share/udunits/udunits2-base.xml > 
> udunit2-base.html
> xsltproc udunits2_to_html.xslt /opt/local/share/udunits/udunits2-common.xml > 
> udunit2-common.html
> xsltproc udunits2_to_html.xslt /opt/local/share/udunits/udunits2-derived.xml 
> > udunit2-derived.html
> xsltproc udunits2_to_html.xslt /opt/local/share/udunits/udunits2-prefixes.xml 
> > udunit2-prefixes.html
> The HTML files that result are attached below.
> You can also run this against the online UDUNITS files. For example the last 
> command could be run as
> xsltproc udunits2_to_html.xslt 
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/udunits/udunits-current/udunits/udunits2-prefixes.xml
>  > udunit2-prefixes.html
> I am not 100% sure the UDUNITS xml that I used are totally current, at least 
> as current as the online version.

I might have added a couple of units. I don't expect that will pose a problem.

Thanks again for this favor.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: CEJ-221616
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Priority: Emergency
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