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[UDUNITS #FTH-701042]: Link down?


You shouldn't have been able to install the UDUNITS package using apt-get(1) 
because I haven't yet created a Debian-compatible repository. I suspect, 
therefore, that you'll have to build the package from source in order to obtain 
the correct behavior.

I'll see about adding a "version" option to the udunits2(1) program.

> Unfortuntely I don't see a way to check my installed version, am I missing
> something? I installed using apt-get udunits-common on 12.04 Ubuntu system,
> and there doesn't seem to be a version parameter for udunits2?
> I tried removing udunits2 to build from the 2.2.1 source files and am
> having no luck at all. Hm, not sure what to do here. Hopefully the folks
> I'm working with are having a better time.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: FTH-701042
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